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POS touch screen repair Ohio
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POS Touch Screen Repair

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Omlor TV & Electronic Service
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Touch Screen Repair
POS Touch screen repair
Touch Screen Repair
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TV Repair Allen, OH
TV Repair Hancock, OH
TV Repair Hardin, OH
TV Repair Putnam, OH
Omlor TV & Electronic Service
TV Repair Sandusky, OH
TV Repair Seneca, OH
TV Repair Wood County, OH
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Omlor TV & Electronic Service
(419) 421-0154
612 Central Ave
Findlay, OH  45840
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POS Touch Screen Repair
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phone:  (419) 421-0154
Elo and Dell P.O.S.
Touchscreen Montors
Omlor TV
Findlay, Ohio  45840
(419) 421-0154
Touch screen Repair
612 Central Ave
Omlor TV & Electronic Service is pleased to offer send in touch screen service for Elo and Dell P.O.S. touchscreen monitors.
Are your ELO monitors not powering on anymore? 
Do your DELL monitors only have a white screen?
Don't throw them away !!!!!
We can repair them for $100 each + shipping.
Just send your broken monitors to:
We will diagnose and repair all
common problems with these units
for a flat fee of $100.00 plus return shipping!!!
In the event that your unit is deemed unrepairable
there will be NO CHARGE for checking it out.
We only ask that you pay return shipping or allow us to
dispose of the unit to harvest good parts for future repairs.
We look forward to hearing from you and taking care of all your P.O.S. touchscreen repair needs.
Any questions please call:
419-421-0154 or email
Thank you!
Omlor TV
612 Central Ave
Findlay, Ohio 45840
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